Two new products dedicated to the world of cables

on 13 November 2015

During the last two exhibitions (Wire Düsseldorf, held in March, and Plast 2012, which ended last May 12), Fainplast was proud of presenting the public with two new products: the halogen free crosslinkable compound HFX 521 and the halogenated crosslinkable compound CTX 65. Let us take a closer look at these products.

HFX 521 is a halogen free crosslinkable compound (XLPO-HFFR), featuring long duration even at high temperatures, high fire resistance, low smoke emission and oil resistance. This type of product – that can be processed using the SIOPLAS method (working with a normal extruder, and thus achieving a considerable reduction in costs) – is particularly suitable for applications on ships and railways, environments where high standards of reliability and safety are required.

CTX 65 is a halogenated crosslinkable compound, with technical features similar to rubber, which is also resistant to high temperatures, atmospheric agents, mechanical and chemical stresses. CTX 65 can be used with the SIOPLAS method, in order to produce cables with a normal extruder, with no need of specific plants. This product is particularly suitable for the realization of power, signal and control cables.

These two new products are the result of the continuous research & development work of Fainplast and of its natural tension towards innovation and implementation of new technologies. HFX 521 and CTX are now parts of the wide range of compounds that Fainplast puts on the market in order to satisfy all requirements.

Joshua BruniTwo new products dedicated to the world of cables