Two new fairs for Fainplast: K and Wire South America

on 13 November 2015

In October Fainplast will take place in two important fairs: in chronological order, Wire South America (São Paulo, Brazil) and K (Düsseldorf, Germany).
From 1st to 3rd October Fainplast will exhibit at the Brazilian fair Wire South America, a historical German fair which will be held in Brazil for the first time. Fainplast will show all their products: PVC, HAX –HFX crosslinkable compounds designed both for the solar cable market (halogen free products) and for high energy performance cables. In this way, San Paolo will be a springboard into the Brazilian cable market, which is still largely unexplored.
From 16th to 23rd October , Fainplast will attend the K fair in Düsseldorf which is the No. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber worldwide.
With over 3,000 exhibitors, K trade fair is the ideal business and contact platform for information, innovations and investments. This trade fair represents a great opportunity for Fainplast to introduce their compounds : PVC, HAX–HFX crosslinkable and EVATECH. Furthermore, Fainplast can take advantage of this event to reinforce established business relationships and to meet new potential partners.

Joshua BruniTwo new fairs for Fainplast: K and Wire South America