Research and innovation:Fainplast right keys to success

on 13 November 2015

A new space for better products. In March Fainplast inaugurated a new Research & Development laboratory with a total area of 200 square meters, which also includes the new department dedicated to quality control of polyolefin products – a total investment amounting to three hundred thousand Euros.

In this new laboratory, outfitted with advanced machinery and equipment, are employed about twenty skilled technicians. This new investment confirms the highly innovative vocation of the Italian company, which constantly invests in new technologies in order to improve product standards and remain a leading company in the plastics sector at an international level.

Besides the areas of the new laboratory, Fainplast is also investing on a new warehouse for the storage of finished products, which is currently being completed, for a total covered area of 1,850 sqm on a total area of 3700 sqm.

Fainplast has always believed in constant innovation as the key to their business success. For this reason last June they tested and implemented a new system that has increased the plant automation of the halogen-free department. This system is based on a depalletizer robot that, in the initial phase of production, allows speeding up the procedures enhancing and increasing the dosage of the products. Two new large and six smaller silos were installed for the storage of raw materials. The total investment for this new automation system amounted to 1 million Euros.

Improving company performance is a key lever for success.  Fainplast has been acting in this direction since their beginnings. Thanks to this strategy, Fainplast has become a point of reference in Europe and could attack expanding markets, such as Eastern Europe, Turkey and India.

Joshua BruniResearch and innovation:Fainplast right keys to success