New EVAtech® SuperSoft products

on 9 October 2018

Fainplast presents two new EVAtech® compounds for the production of SuperSoft shoe soles, expanded and cross-linked with injection moulding technology.

So far, the technical limit of these EVA based expanded and crosslinked compounds and in general of Ethylene copolymers with low hardness and specific elastomeric properties has always been, together with abrasion, the poor dimensional stability at high temperatures. This property, also known as Thermal contraction or Shrinkage,  is typical of all products made with expanded and crosslinked EVA and could represent a  problem during shoe sole production process, during exposure to sunlight or in general during exposure to high temperatures for long periods.  Our new compounds SuperSoft guarantee excellent performance concerning thermal contraction.

The compounds developed by Fainpast are able to maximise the Soft Touch effect without compromizing the other properties. These are extra light materials with rubber like effect that are typically light like all expanded EVA and at the same time have the grip of a rubber.

At the moment we have developed 2 grades with expansion rate 1.2 and 1.4. Hardness of these 2 new grades is 10 Shore A points lower then other standard materials normally used for this application.

Other important news for the shoe industry will be announced by Fainplast in the next months, stay tuned!

Joshua BruniNew EVAtech® SuperSoft products