New areas for great projects

on 13 November 2015

In order to create top level products, it is necessary for a company to be sound and on the rise, just as Fainplast. Indeed, the company has just created three new areas in order to make the factory not only a productive place, but also a dynamic centre of projects and a place where employees find the right comfort. The three areas are aimed at different yet complementary purposes to achieve a single objective: the well-being of the company.

A large auditorium with a capacity of over one hundred places, fully equipped with advanced audio and video systems where it is possible to host conferences, seminars and events (not only of the sector).

A gym for employees, outfitted with the latest generation equipment, which is a recreational area to give the opportunity to Fainplast’s employees to experience the company not only as a production place, but also as a place to socialise and keep active.

Finally, a new research centre: new spaces and facilities that meet the needs of innovation and product development as well as company development.

Joshua BruniNew areas for great projects