Fainplast has installed a new production line dedicated to EVATech

on 16 November 2015

EVATech is a highly innovative material based on EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) designed by Fainplast for the production of crosslinked foamed products using injection technology, such as soles, insoles, slippers, sandals, boots, bags and many more items. It is an increasingly performing product which meets the needs of several types of customers.

Fainplast has invested approx. 700000EUR in a new production line in order to boost EVATech production. The new production line features a high level of automation and has raised production capability to 3500 tons a year.

This new investment stems from the need to meet rising market demand for this product, which has achieved great success.  EVATech is the result of the continuous R&D work carried out by Fainplast. It features very good physical and mechanical properties. It is extremely low weight and gummy to the touch, abrasion resistant and delivers good grip.

EVATech is available in various hardnesses, densities and colours and for any type of expansion, according to the requirements of customers.

Joshua BruniFainplast has installed a new production line dedicated to EVATech