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Fainplast produces plastics in granular form which is a semifinished product used in a vast number of industries. The company was founded in 1993 by Battista Faraotti and today is one of the most innovative companies in the plastics industry. This success is the result of a costant attention to the customer’s needs together with a remarkable capacity to develop innovative solutions, consistant quality, high production capacity and flexibility.

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Ideas in plastic


We work everyday next to our customers to understand their needs and transform their ideas in a finished product that is nice and functional.

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Research & Development


We believe that a continuous research activity is the only way to offer products that are always innovative, competitive and more performing.

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A state of the art equipment together with production flexibility and capacity allow us to serve our customers quickly and with constant quality

Compounds for cables

HFFR Crosslinkable

HFFR Thermoplastic

PVC Thermoplastic

PP Propylplus

PE Ethylplus

XLPO Special

Compounds for other applications


PVC for injection moulding

PVC rigid

PVC medical

PVC flexible

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